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14 Zielony Stok str., Flat1
80-119 Gdańsk, Poland

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Radca prawny Piotr Korpas Racda prawny Jacek-Klonowski Radca prawny Paweł Konopko

Piotr Marek Korpas
Senior Partner
Managing Partner, founder of the law office

In 1989 graduated from Law Faculty at the University of Gdańsk. In 1993 registered as a legal adviser and founded the Sopot House of Law along with partners: Jacek Klonowski and Paweł Konopko.

Piotr Korpas is the managing partner, simultaneously coordinating service of corporate clients. He is thoroughly prepared in the field of bankruptcy regulations, law of repair and procedure. He mediates and advises in corporate litigation. He also specializes in civil law, particularly in law of contract. Piotr Korpas is experienced in the area of economic subjects bankruptcy, property transformation and founding capital partnership. His service is not only for economic subjects but also for individual clients, in Polish, English and Russian.

Jacek Zbigniew Klonowski
Senior Partner

In 1989 graduated from Law faculty at the University of Gdansk. In 1994 became registered in Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers' in Gdańsk. Since 1993 he has been a partner in Sopot House of Law.

He is a specialist in the area of protection of copyrights, labour law and civil procedure. His experience in the field of service to automotive sector companies and leasing companies is extensive. Jacek Klonowski is also a long-term specialist in the field of transformation, merger and liquidation of economic subjects. He works in Polish and English.


Paweł Wojciech Konopko
Senior Partner

In 1989 graduated from the Law Faculty at the university of Gdańsk. In 1994 became registered in Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers'.

For many years he has been servicing economic subjects from food processing branch. He has vast experience in the area of raising funds of investment, opening foreign branches of companies and trade exchange. He specializes in providing legal services for enterprises in the field of agriculture and food processing and the labour market. He also participates in many processes of dividing, founding and bankruptcy proceeding of building cooperatives. Paweł Konopko works in Polish and English.



Sopot House of Law provides legal advice to clients working in all branches of economy. We cooperate with the best experts in their areas.

Roman Zorn
Tax adviser. Our expert, supervising drafting contracts, paying special attention to potential tax threats or benefits.

Krzysztof Popiel
President of the National Federation of Restructuring Advisors and Syndics in Warsaw.Our expert in the field of bankruptcy and repair law.

Law Office Advokaadiburoo in Estonia.
They specialize in criminal, civil and economic cases on the territory of Estonia and former Soviet Republics.